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Sales & Marketing

One of the biggest challenges for many IT businesses is marketing their services, and winning new business.

For many business owners who have come from a primarily Technical background, sales can be an especially daunting situation. It’s often not enough to be the best Technician to win new business.

I can help you build effective marketing strategies that are easy to consistently undertake, yet generate a steady stream of new sales opportunities.

I can work with you to help you feel more comfortable in sales situations, and learn to do what you really want to do – help your clients understand the right thing for their business.

British CoinsAre you unsure of whether you’re charging the right amount for your Managed Service offering?

I can help you understand how to price your Managed Service offerings based on research into the industry, and how to charge what you are actually worth – not just what you suspect the client is willing to pay.

Do you feel uncomfortable asking the right questions in client meetings?

I can help you to become comfortable in sales meetings, asking the questions that will help you close business that is right for you.

You’ll eliminate that feeling of “selling” and instead focusing on “helping”.

Are you frustrated by meeting with prospects who say your services are too expensive?

I can help you understand the things that are really important to prospects, and how to meet the right prospects who value your expertise and are prepared to pay accordingly with them. You’ll enjoy working with your clients again!

Sales QuotationDo you spend too much time writing quotes and proposals that don’t result in won business?

I can help you to reduce the amount of time you spend writing quotes and proposals, and increase the amount of business you actually win. You can eliminate that nagging feeling that you’re giving your time and expertise away for free.

Are you worried about sabotaging your existing business in an attempt to move into Cloud Computing?

I can help you to understand the benefits of Cloud Computing and how to use Cloud solutions that your clients really want, while growing the amount of recurring revenue you generate.

Are your clients constantly penny pinching when you quote them for hardware?

I can help you to eliminate the frustrating practice of client penny pinching, and help you learn how to deliver profitable hardware sales without the tiring negotiations with cost-sensitive clients.


Can I help?

If you’d like more help working on any of these challenges then take a look at the articles at my blog, or if you’d like to discuss working with me one-on-one, then do contact me!

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