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Building Business Relationships

I believe that effectively building business relationships is key to business success, and I help my clients get connected – with more clients, with suppliers and with the wider IT world.

Do you want to build stronger relationships with your existing clients?

I can help you to turn your clients into raving fans who are a pleasure to work with and will generate new business referrals for you.

Would you like to raise your profile and build new relationships with your peers within the IT industry?

I can help introduce you to some of the most successful MSP’s and inspirational business owners in the industry,  and help you build mutually beneficial business relationships with them.

Shaking Hands

Would you like to build relationships with businesses who offer complimentary services to your own?

I can help you build relationships with innovative and trusted businesses who will help you deliver projects and services effectively and profitably with your clients. You’ll learn to become an expert in your field, and work with like-minded companies.

Do you believe you are too small or don’t sell enough to effectively partner with larger IT Vendors?

I can share with you my experiences of building effective relationships with some of the biggest Vendors in the industry – regardless of your size – that will help your business to grow and put you on their VIP lists.

Do you worry that your clients see you as nothing more than the “IT guys”?

I can help you develop techniques that move you from being seen just as Technicians by your clients, into trusted business advisors who they trust, respect and actively refer to others.

Do you struggle to find the time to evaluate new solutions from Vendors?

I can help you understand the most effective ways to engage with Vendors to find the solutions that will help your clients thrive, and your business grow.


Can I help?

If you’d like more help working on any of these challenges then take a look at the articles at my blog, or if you’d like to discuss working with me one-on-one, then do contact me!

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